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Lucky him! I wouldn't mind being a back up hehe;) Thank you Maevria, it's been fun

Come off of anon. I need to know who you are.

Anonymous asked:
Tell me something that you have done lately, regarding what we have been chatting about, and I will regress ;)

I haven’t really been too active lately regarding our subject of conversation. The only time I can recall was probably last week, and it was between my boyfriend and I. I won’t go into detail, but there was a lot of latex/toy/oral play, and then some. 


Garden bit. May 2013.

Sleepy Forest (by Matt Payne Photography)

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The energy of an Amethyst crystal promotes peace and contentness.  This candle
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Do you like male subs as well? Sorry just bored haha.

I do. It’s preferred actually. But most guys I know aren’t as open to it as females are. I guess it’s the whole “I am man, me strong” whole gag. But I think, if a man can take a spanking from a Domme, and be turned on, then he is more manly than the other guy that denies it. Just my opinion. 


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